Getting ready to head to the track for some practice laps, took out my clutch to check it out and see how my bell was hanging in there. The brass bushing was toast and I didn’t have any more. Decided to see is my lathe could cut the gear for a needle bearing. I had a friend try it before and was told the material was too hard to cut so I never even tried to cut it myself. Cheapy harbor freight carbite seem to do the trip though, just lots of sharpening and lots of squealing but cut like a champion with a mirror finish.

I have heard a few complaints from people snapping bolts on the Superclutch, but haven’t had it happen myself. It seems everyone I have talked too has broke them preloading the springs to much either with extra washers or cut down bolts for high stall setups.

I helicoiled one Superclutch to take an m5x.8 shoulder bolt. The 6mm shoulder allows the spring and washers to get over the shoulder. This has been working out well, but I would not want to run a race setup on 5mm bolts, would much rather run 6mm.

I had some 6mm shoulder bolts laying around so I decided to put these in the clutch.

The advantage of the shoulder bolt, is the shoulder rests on the surface and gives you something to torque against without having to bottom out the bolt.

Make sure the bolts can go all the way down, I had to take off about 1 thread from each bolt for them to rest on their shoulders.

Toss a nut on the bolt to chase the threads after cutting.

The springs that come with the Superclutch are too small to fit over the 8mm shoulder. I chucked up the bolts and turned them down .8mm to all the spring to ride over the shoulder.

Next, the heads of the nuts will need to be cut down to fit in the clutch.

I ripped it around the parking lot and feels great. Will have some video from the track tomorrow and will update the post. This is the same type of bolts I run in my KTM setup and they handle 25+ HP without shearing.

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