I was lucky enough to do the initial testing on the prototype 77 Super Clutch. I was very happy with the quality of the clutch as well its out of the box performance. At the time it was the only one and I did not want to do too many mods during the testing period, since there was no backup if I messed it up.

Well now they are for sale and you can finally get your hands on one!


I finally started doing a bit more tweaking on it see how it can be improved. The out of the box tuning is rather aggressive. I like it, but there may be people that want it a bit detuned. The reason it is so aggressive is because the bolts that come with the clutch preload the springs 1.8mm when using the stock washer that comes with it.

There are two solutions for this, shorten the spring or increase the bolt length. Personally I am not a fan of button head allens, they look nice but the button head cannot hold up to the torque specs of the bolt which is why they strip faster then a common allen.

My solution for this was to make a longer allen. Since 28mm 6m x 1.0 allens are unheard of, I just cut down some 30mms. Also cut some slits to direct the flow of fluid, whether the slits made a difference is hard to tell, but this went straight to the track and had zero heat fade. Yeah, didn’t really match the lines… don’t matter.

It is really important to make sure the bolts are exactly the same length, otherwise the preload will different between them. Now with the longer bolts you can setup the preload exactly how you like it by stacking washers, or getting a tighter spring.

Next up I am going to play with different springs and  adding some weight to the shoes to see if I can get it to take off like my KTM clutch.

You can see Ryan’s Polini with the Superclutch launch pretty good at the track. Enough to take the first corner.

17 thoughts on “1977 Superclutch

    1. Tyler Post author

      Still running perfecto! Just gotta torque em down. Seems like they are only backing out on people running them loose.

  1. HoodHornet

    Thanks! Yes, they definitely need to be torqued. Your method is the best/easiest fix I’ve seen so far. The easiest, but obviously less tunable/desirable route is to buy better m6 allen bolts, remove the washer completely, and torque the bolts down. Ive been blasting pretty damned hard this way for about 35mi with no problems as of yet. Gonna see how long it takes to bend those bolts tho 😀

    1. Tyler Post author

      Nice! Yeah with new hardware I have hundreds of miles without issues. You should not run into any problems now. Maybe in a couple weeks just pop it out and do a final check, if everything is still good then you are probably set forever. Best clutch for the money, hands down.

  2. AFowler

    My stock 2shoe clutch just self-destructed on moped monday. Thus, its time to install my superclutch.

    Does the bolt length mentioned above include the bolt’s head? Or just the threads?

    Since my puch is rocking an A55 cylinder, I’m consioering starting with slighty longer bolts

    1. Tyler Post author

      25mm Is the length of the threads on the stock bolts. I would start by just getting some new 25mm m6x1.0 and running without the washers. I think they ship with the new bolts already though.

  3. DJ Joslin

    I just installed mine on my rippin’ Maxi. The setup I used was: the standard washer and spring, but upgraded the bolts to a 12.9 grade, 25mm x 1.0 and used blue locktite to keep them down. I took them all the way down to hand tight, and then a 1/4 turn back up. It’s very humid in Kalamazoo tonight, so I’m letting locktite/silicone gasket dry for a good day before I put in fluids and give it a try. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Rod velez

      How did that work for you? I tried the same setup with my super clutch but it won’t engage.

      80′ Puch Maxi
      70cc kit
      15mm Dellorto carb
      15t x 40t sprockets
      Proma Circuit Pipe

          1. Rod velez

            I bought 30 mm screws and cut them down to 28mm , with one washer torqued all the way down they had a little bit of play in them. I added another washer and it is now firm, should I be able to pull it with my hand and have it move a little bit?

          2. Tyler Post author

            Yeah, you should be able to pull the pad up a little bit. You can feel the tension with a flat head under the pad.

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