The past week has been pretty hectic with trying to all the bike going for the rally. I still have no idea what bike I will end up taking, but I have a good amount of loaners for those people in need.

Just some of the WIP from the past couple days.  More to come!

Stock Chopper complete with Destroyer and HPI.

Maxi N Gila, hold on tight! Mini rocketship.

Twin Tank Maxi 70 Athena, just rebuilt with a new 1mm single ring piston

Blue Maxi, 64 Polini with a 15 SHA and still touching 60mph

Jakes Gila Mag, almost ready!

Super Hot Pink Tomos 80 Metra, yup.

Super Stocker Peugeot, every trick in the book and jams so good. For Sale! Sold!

Worlds fastest Derbian. Good to go!

Maxi Gila, Ready to go. Have yet to top it out though, well over 60, might be getting into the 70’s

My Race Mag, 64 Polini, needs some gear then good to go.

Jakes one week hobbit build thing.

Save the best for last… this is a Tomos 80 Metra on a Pacer. Still need to make an intake, make a pipe, cable it and all that nonsense. I am pretty sure I will be taking this thing, but I still have not made up my mind.

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