I figured it was time to rip my Laguna apart. It’s a Piston Port Derbi with Metra Crank, Gila, Tm24, and Weekends Pipe. It gets the job done, was able to top it out close to 70 but it ran out of gear. Running 24×24 right now (stock is 19×31), kinda hard to get more gear on it. 26 on the front is possible though, but I figured I would rip it apart and see how much better I could make it this time around.

Super clean even burning cost on the piston, wiped right off. I swear by Lucas Oil, stuff is great.

Had to take out the motor to get the cylinder off since the fins are so large. Everything looks great in there, so I wiped out the porting tools and went to town.

One thing I noticed was the reeds were wearing a bit odd, since one side of the reeds are able to breathe better they were much weaker then the other side. I made end up adding a plate to raise them up a bit, but for now I just swapped them around for more even wear.

I cut the intake down a bit too since it was a little on the long side. Looks much nicer now.

Still looks like its missing something. What could it be…..

There we go, that was it. Much better now.

Set it to 32 Degrees, and its even more of a rocket out the hole. With points I had around 28 degrees, anything less the bike would not even move. Now with lighter weight on the crank and a few more degrees of timing it is even more of a monster. On our 1/8 mile strip I was able to hit 56 and was still pulling hard. Had to slow down very early too since I have no brakes. I think that’s our new record.

8 thoughts on “Derbi Laguna

  1. Kenny Keune

    I was wondering if you have pictures of the case halves while you were taking the material off to make the gila kit fit. I am doing the same thing and need as much knowledge about the process so I do it right. Also, how is it running? What kind of mileage can you expect to get out of a set up like this before you snap cranks and the alike. Thanks! Kenny

    1. Tyler Post author

      I don’t have any pictures of that… sorry. But! I am building two more right now. I will make another post about those motors in the next couple weeks. It is pretty easy to get the Gila to fit though.

      Also do not try running this on a stock crank, it will not last 10 miles. I have a Metrakit crank in the Laguna and have a ton of miles on it. If you are planning on doing a gila+piston port you will need to get a crank. 77 came out with an amazing race crank. If you are planning on doing this, you will be wasting time if you don’t get this crank.

      77 Derbi Race Crank.

      The bike runs great! I had to make the sprockets cause it would do a wheelie to 50MPH, now it’s a rocket and tops out around 70MPH.

      Good luck and let me know if you have other questions!

      1. Kenny keune

        I’ll definitely keep you posted. Right now I am in the process of rebuilding it and when I get done I am going to attempt to put it on a Kawasaki f7 enduro. I am interested to see how it,or if it even will, pull this bike. I just can’t find a Laguna or bultaco 125 frame for a reasonable price and I got the Kawasaki for dirt cheap. Anyway, thanks again!

    1. Tyler Post author

      Running Red Doppler clutch springs and stock rear spring. If I had a more peaky pipe I would put in tighter rear spring. This also has a 6 roller with 3 weights taken out.

  2. Hani

    Hey there, I have a Laguna with a gila and t24 and all the farkles hpi mini etc.

    What’s your base gasket/head gasket set up. I think my port timing is off also what’s your timing on that hpi? Mine is set at 2.4


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