I get asked about my Derbi whenever I take this dirty thing out. I guess it’s finally time to post some details about it…

The ratty, dirty, crusty, rusty, sleeper Variant is pretty quick.


  • 70cc MetraKit
  • TM24 Mikuni
  • HPI Inner Rotor
  • Faux Simo Pipe
  • 12+ HP
  • 0-55 faster then most cars
  • Stock gearing (for now)

We built this motor for a race that was taking place at 8am, I got to the track at 8pm the night before and we managed to get it going by 2am. All “ready” for the races. Pulling bearings out of old Pug motors, finding seals on the ground, hacking all the material out of the cases and opening the entire passage way for the reed block. Basically if there was metal in the way, I cut it out.

The next day at the track was not quite as successful, I was racing on brand new tyres and slipped out on the first turn, had shitty brakes, and the frame was flexing like crazy. Besides that though, it was fast… like very fast.

Now I have been riding it more and more as just an every day rider, so tonight I decided to toss some lights on there. No better way then to use a LiPo battery and leds.

Guess I might as well toss a USB charger in there too.

The battery just slides in and is locked in place with a little holder in the fairing. I will just take it out for the races and pop it in for the drive home.

Now it’s time to gear it. I am making the a rear 28 for it, currently at 35. Does not look like I can go much smaller without hitting the swingarm, if only I had a DS sprocket in the front… I doubt there is a limit on how much gear this bike will pull.


Peugeot with working electric start!

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