Last Saturday was the motorized bike race at Grange Raceway in Apple Valley that we were so kindly invited to partake in. I was on my MicroMag which consisted of a Puch 1 Speed Motor, 64cc Polini, 21mm Dellorto, 4 Pedal Malossi, Treat Pipe, HPI Inner Rotor, and 14×38 gearing. The bike was a mini rocketship to say the least.

Jake brought his Hobbit, 70cc Polini, 6 Pedal Dio, 24mm TM Mikuni, and Proma Pipe, his bike was also very quick.

Here is Christophe from Tomahawk Tuning on his Peugeot

I got some gopro footage of the practice race before the finals too. Fast forward to 10:20 to see a biker fall right in of me.

2 thoughts on “Grange Raceway

  1. hani

    Is there a thread of jakes bike anywhere? Im a hobbit enthusiast myself. looks pretty dope. Also, nice win on the Magnum I watched the vid all the way through.

    1. Tyler Post author

      Hobbit post coming soon! He just got some stage 6 reeds today and will be putting them in tonight. Will get a detailed post on the bike this weekend.


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