Shaun put on a fun 25 mile ride around the Rose bowl last Sunday and it was a blast. James and I said we would only take stock bikes, so I needed to get a stock bike ready for the ride. The only stock bike I really had was my Diablo which was not really in a “running” state. Pretty far from being Myron’s worthy to say the least.

First thing I needed to do was get some brakes on this thing. Went down to Myron’s Mopeds and picked up some Tomos pads. The hubs were so frozen though I couldn’t even get the brake arm to move. 

I had to hammer the crap out of it to get the arm off. After polishing it all off and putting back together it was good as new. Now with some Tomos pads and new cables I was able stop on a dime.

Next was to get the thing to run. The pipe was completely trashed, so I tossed on a biturbo and it literally bolted right up. No need for cutting or welding. Tossed on my old ignition from my Laguna and cleaned the carb it fired right up. Old ignition was probably fine, just didn’t even want to mess with it. I needed to get this thing going by the next morning.

Now it was running and had good brakes, just no idle. I took the ignition back off and popped in a old crank seal from some other motor that was laying around. Now it idled and ran pretty awesome. The thing variated so quickly though that made it almost unridable. I took apart the variator and put in some super light weights. (No idea where they even came from). Couldn’t have been more perfect though!

James took his stock creamy white Peugeot which he just got going. 16 SHA, Polini reeds, ported stock cylinder. Thing Jammed along pretty nicely, 36MPH which is pretty good considering it was the 20MPH version and still had stock gearing.

Long story short, we both seized. I got the Diablo back up and running and rode it a few more miles before riding back to the truck. James seized to a skidding halt and almost got rear ended, was pretty funny. He got it fired back up and it still ran like a champ.

When we got back we pulled out Jake’s 103 and figured we would get it running. Didn’t take long, put the clipons on. Cables and jetted it. Hits 50 on our 1/8th mile and just started getting on the Simo, pretty scary.

Thank you Shaun for putting on another awesome ride! Can’t wait til 100.

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