Last week has been a crazy haul for new bikes, and more are on their way!

The first batch was a few Maxi’s. One of which is going to be the giveaway bike for the Tomahawk Cup!

The guy I got them from also had this sitting in his garage…

Also recently acquired two more Peugeots and a Streetmate/Moby mashup.

Next on the list was a new hobbit acquired by Jake, he already ripped it down and put a crank in the bottom end for his Parmakit. He went hobbit crazy the past week months… Here is ma y half of his recently acquired hobbit stuff.

Finally got some time for get the Twin Tank back finished up and running. Road it to go get Tacos and jams pretty good, lots of Torque. Going to add more gear and toss in a 77 SuperClutch for an everyday rider.

One thought on “New Bike Maddness

  1. michael

    Nice! Do you have any completed modified mopeds for sale? Or maybe you might know someone selling a nice moped? Please let me know thanks.


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