I have been building this bike for over 6 months now and it is finally almost done. Since it is a Peugeot every part on it had to be heavily modified to make work. Nothing moped is ever ‘bolt on’ but this was entire opposite side of the spectrum.


Parts List:

First thing first was porting that lil W port. The timings on the kit are rather mild, with a little work they were extreme.

Widened and rased the exhaust to 185.


W Port Exhaust

Then opened the transfers as far as the Malossi Race cases would allow.

W Port Transfers

Didn’t get a photo of it, but the boost port is huge as well.

Next thing was to base plate it to raise the transfer duration.

W Port Base Plate

And of course needed to get the squish right now. So tossed the cylinder on the lathe.

W Port Lathe

The head is amazing. Way more fins then the Polini and Malossi heads. Which I bought and ended up giving away cause they were crap.

Parakit Head

So that is basically it for the motor. Next up was getting that silly spring in place. I made brackets for it so it would be at the perfect angle, but then it came up 3mm too short. Ended up extending the rod to make up the difference, I might be able to get away with running very low weight in the variator as the spring tension is pretty low. Hopefully to not have to run the stock spring in there as well.

The pipe was actually pretty close, much closer then I expected. I was able to get it to clear the kickstand with only one cut. I mounted it the Polini spring and added 1/2″ of header. The stinger kicked down and out and looked very retarded so I cut it off and put it on the correct way.

TSM Pipe 1

TSM Pipe 2

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