Been awhile since our last post. Been super busy getting ready and going on the Pinball Run! That’s 1,400 miles of Moped riding from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

I figured what bike better to take then a Derbi? So I grabbed the worst Derbi I had and started working on it a couple weeks before the adventure leaves. Of course the crank was frozen and nothing was right, ended up having to rebuild the entire motor and taking a number of parts off 2 other Derbis to make this work.


After ripping it apart and getting it back in running shape I took it for a 200 mile test run down the coast and back.

The seat was a bit rough so grabbed one of another bike and was ready for the run.

Last minute James offered to come along and be our chase vehicle and rent a minivan. Since we now had an extra week to prepare and not have to ship our bikes to MN I decided to toss on my Tomahawk Cup race motor and see how far it would make it without doing any work to it. I have already put on at least 3k miles on this motor and want an excuse to rip it apart and put on my rear clutch setup. Test runs with the race motor showed easy cruising speeds of 60mph sitting up and pretty hard to go any slower. This ended up being a problem since the Tomos coming along only did 45.

James took the Tomos home for a day and played with the clutches and gearing then brought it over and we welded up an Estoril for it, bike was now able to touch 50 on flats. James is apparently a Tomos wizard.

We packed up and hit the road for MN.

29 hours later we arrive in Minneapolis and met up with everyone in the park. Crazy thunderstorm drove everyone away then we met under the recently repaired 35w bridge for departure in the morning.

First stop was to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jason and I were riding together for the first half of the day. I topped out at around 65 on the race motor. Would get far ahead then stop and wait for 5-10 minutes for Jason to catch up, this was working out well for a bit. My rear pulley which has not been serviced in over 3k miles started to lock up. I tried pulling it off on the side of the road but the bushing was stuck to the drive shaft. Instead of trying to fix it right there we just swapped over to my stock motor and I road the rest of the day on that. At this point Jason had kept going, managed to get lost, break his iPhone cable, and run out of gas. He managed to find a target to get a new cable and ran straight gas with no oil for the last 25 miles. Tomos didn’t care though, he still made it there 3rd.

I pulled up a couple hours later, and spent the rest of the night hanging out at Nighthawks. Borrowed their 3 jaw puller and fixed my race motors rear pulley. Figured I would just leave it off since the stock motor was so much fun.

They gave us fireworks.

Next day was to St. Louis, Missouri.

Jason and James decide to switch turns today and have James ride the bike. Of course this means we don’t end up leaving for over an hour and half after everyone else does. This was one of the best rides, we were both hitting 50+ on the highway with the tailwind. Caught up to most everyone pretty quick. We went cut over to Illinois and went through some beautiful roads along side the Mississippi.

This basically sums up the entire day.

James on the Tomos was able to jam a little faster then the Derb and made it into St. Louis not only before me, but before everyone else. I pulled into town a few minutes later after getting lost in the ghetto and witnessing drug deals and drive bys. On the way into the city James hit 58 on the Tomos and I hit 55 on the Derb. Nice smooth road with a slight downhill and tailwind.

We got a hotel right away and went to bed early, Didn’t want to be 1.5 hours late again.

Next day the start point was Scootertrash’s house.

He showed us some of his weird creations and his amazing house, also let us ride his bike.

Next stop was Memphis, Tennessee!

This might have been the longest run of the week. I believe it was close to 320 miles or so. Jason was back on the bike and instantly we get pulled over.

Tells us we are suppose to wear elbow pads and ride on the shoulder and lets us go.

Jason blast ahead and I take a leisurely cruise. James follows to gas me up and fill up my tyres. Accidentally sets it to high and it pops a few miles later. We put a new tube in and pops about 100 feet later. Turns out the tube was way to skinny to set the bead, so this time we take our time and make sure its 100% perfect. Also changed some gearing and variator stuff around at this point too.

Jason makes it to Memphis one minute behind the Creatures, then I rolled in third a couple hours later.

Jason Pusher was kind enough to to let us crash at his house, very awesome dude!

For the first time we actually leave on time on our way to Jackson, Mississippi.

This was by far the worst ride the entire trip. I honestly don’t recall much of this ride, I think I feel asleep while riding for a bit. I thought my bike was breaking down since I slowed down to 30mph. Ended up I just was not giving it full throttle. Long day.

James came in 1st on the Tomos and I came in 3rd. Passed out in the hotel for a few minutes then was good to go. For the first time we had a real pool!

No one thought I could make it. Psh.

That night we tossed on my race motor. Figured I should finish at least one leg first. To ensure this we took a 2.5 gallon gas tank and ran a fuel line to a T then to my carb. With 3.5 gallons of gas I would not even have to stop for gas.

The ride to New Orleans was rather amazing. Had to drive through a pretty gnarly rain storm but it only lasted fifteen minutes. 55 in the rain and a tshirt hurts pretty bad.

The first half I was letting Jason draft off of me, he was able to hit 55 a few times on the Tomos. It was too hard for me to maintain that speed so I ended up just blasting ahead and running full throttle for 2 hours straight. Was doing between 60-65 until the rain. After the rain a bunch of water got in my gas and was not running very well. Could barely hit 50.

I arrived in New Orleans first, 15 minutes or so later Jason arrived on the Tomos.

Tomos ended up taking first overall and the Derbi ended up fourth.

Team photo!

Already getting excited about next year. Think a Jawa can make it?

If one photo could capture how amazing this trip was I think this would be it.

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