Let me start off by saying thank you to Fink’s for putting this race on. It was such a blast.

We were given 5 points in San Diego and we needed to find the quickest route between them and make it back to Fink’s. The first one back is the winner. Easy enough, right?


  • Sunset cliffs beach parking lot.
  • The fountain by the science center in Balboa Park
  • Mission trails park
  • Ye old bike shop
  • The gate to Border Field park

rat race map

I may have been the first one to run a red light. If it wasn’t gonna be me it would have been someone else. After this point though all hell broke loose, I do not think I have ever broke that many laws in my life. Easily over 100 red lights/stop signs ran, was rather silly, but you do what you have to do to win.

This was at the first stop, it was three knuckleheads who got there first, then in the midst of trying got put the next address into my phone a local Fink has already come and gone.

On the way to the next point is where the trouble started. Jake broke his throttle cable and was riding with his finger wrapped around the cable weaving through traffic. I lost my bungy cord and was carrying a gas can in-between my legs. We made it to the second point, the fountain, the same time as Knucklehead James.

The next point was to Mission Trails Park, I got here and noticed my battery on my phone was severely low. Jake showed up with a broken header on his pipe saying his bike is done, and let me know that Brian had seized my Hobbit.

I guess I was on my own from here, until a local Fink made it, so I figured I would follow him. The next stop was Ye Olde Bike Shop, I kinda knew how to get there so I took off and managed to get there about 5 minutes before Nate caught back up.

This was when my battery died. No idea where to go from here, so I just waiting for Nate. We went to his house got some gas then went off to Border Field Park.  This severely limited my speed as I did not know the route and had to follow Nate. We zig zagged down to Border Field Park which is where we saw our contenders….

Owen came blasting out of the park and had about a 2 minutes gain on us, on our way back from the park we passed James who was 2 minutes behind us.


It was pretty clear we were going to win. We could both do 55+ all the way back up to Finks, we took Highway 75 up and Coronado Bridge back to Finks full open throttle the entire time. When we pulled up to Fink’s we saw James already there. I thought maybe he broke down and got a ride, but no. I asked him which way he went and he just replied back with, “I took the freeway”.


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