Time is running out, only a few weeks left to finish up our race bikes for the Tomahawk Cup.

Pinto needed a bunch of work. First off needed to swap out the swingarm for a murray swingarm, maxi one was a bit scary.

Next was the pipe needed to be completely redone, it gave no room for pegs and hit the ground around turns. Also had to make a new header for this massive cylinder and it’s 30mm exhaust port.

Made some Peg mounts, and fixed the brakes.

Video shows the pinto hitting 65 in less then 1/8th mile at over 15k RPMS.

Jake’s hobbit is near completion now as well.

What? No decomp?

Also brought my magnum and derbi out to the track for a little practice.

Most importantly is the bike I am racing in the stock class.


Stock stock stock Non-variated Peugeot

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  1. Jaime rivera

    Hey there guys I was wondering how much it cost to get my motorized bicycle running. I’m having trouble with the throttle.


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