Every Wednesday night is when the Knuckleheads meet up at the shop to build bikes and eat burritos. Typically we get  a ton of stuff done these since we get to work together on stuff.

Tonight we managed to get a few things taken care of as well. Not only did I clean up the shop from the crazy build off weekend. We finished Jake’s Saggy X-5 Simo. Looks pretty good.


I also popped open my HPI drawer (yes thats a drawer filled with HPIs) and tossed one on my MircoMag. It is pretty silly how hard that bike hits. If you don’t have an HPI, you should buy one.

Next up is Ryan’s gila ZA. Last Friday we spent all night building this motor. Finished around 5Am and ripped it around. It was fast. Like very very fast. Not even geared and flying past 60 (Gilas like to be ported). Sadly, he bumped carb off while slowing down and it seized… Luckily we had an extra piston and some sandpaper. Had it back up and running again in no time.

Here’s a lil video of it first starting.

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