The hammer is here, and it’s alright. The clutch that was in this motor was just replaced about a month ago. When we popped it out to put the hammer in we noticed the shoes were already toast. It was not even thwacked out, set to mild on stock springs and still eating clutches.

We put in the stiffest springs that came with the kit, but they are still not that aggressive. The clutch is extremely smooth, it never hits very hard or anything like that, but still get you outta the hole. Not the best race clutch for sure, but definitely good for an every day rider. I’m sure this thing will last a very long time compared to the clutches this thing has been eating.

The clutch itself could definitely be manufactured much cheaper and it would be cool if it came with tighter springs, but for a first run it’s rather impressive. If it last two years in the bike then it will worth the cost.

I will do a review shortly on my race clutch, the hk clutch, and another ‘Merican made clutch coming out soon.

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