Been awhile since the last post. Tomahawk Cup is over but still going through photos/videos and have yet to put up on overview of the event. Was rather amazing though.

Tyler  Rosonke from Omaha, NE put together this video of the cup which sums it up nicely.

Since the dudes from Nebraska were came out to California for our event, figured I should head over there for their Rally. Got back from that a few weeks ago, met some cool people and got to ride some fun loaners.

 Now that I am back in town, I finally got a TIG welder.

Thermal ARC 186

First time trying to use a TIG welder and had to figure it all out on my own. Once I got the setting dialed in things started going my way. First attempt at welding some dirty pot metal engine cases. I figured if I can get this to work then clean nice aluminum cases will be a piece of cake.



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