Tomahawk Cup is just around the corner. The registration is finally up so if you have not regged yet you can do so at

We have quite a few bikes to get ready for the races. I have raced my Magnum a few times at the track, the biggest problem I had with it was the seat. It would push me forward around corners and I felt a bit high while riding it. I finally got around to cutting it own and reupholstering it.  It handles so much better now and I feel will be much more competitive this time around.

Looks kind of goofy now, but it really made a difference when riding.

Next bike is the give-a-way bike! I am building a very similar motor to Ryan and my race bikes.  Ryan stripped down the frame, reinforced the swingarm, cut up the frame made a seat!  Stock swingarm is so much better with a little bracing.

Before mods.

Will have some more photos on the progress soon. Tomahawk came by an picked up the frame to give it a fresh coat of paint. Once we get it back and get everything else from power will have some updates!

Next up is Jake’s unlimited class ‘Hobbit’. This is all you get…

H20 Pinto is also getting a complete overhaul. Need to cut up the pipe, make some pegs, new swingarm, fix he brakes. All the good stuff.

Right now as it sits.

Will have some more info about that soon too.

See you at the races!

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